SF-UR You don’t understand house music unless people like me play it for you!

GTA Spieler werden sich ohne Zweifel an den künstlerisch wohl am wertvollsten moderierten House-Radiosender aller Zeiten aus San Andreas erinnern. Moderiert von „Hans“, einem DJ mit angeblich deutschen Wurzeln, dessen Sprüche allein schon genug Unterhaltung wären. Untermalt wird das Ganze mit teilweise sehr souligen Retro-House Tracks, die an eine Zeit voller Disko-Kugeln, Koks und Schlaghosen erinnern.

„You’re like a plastic baby’s head with an apple in its mouth – you don’t understand house music unless people like me play it for you!“
(Hans Oberlander)

Und ohne lange Umschweife hier nun volle 105 min Radiosender SF-UR, „San Fierro Underground Radio“, seiner Zeit um Lichtjahre voraus:

Zitate von Hans Oberlander, DJ und Moderator von SF-UR:

„I wanted to change my name to Hans Smooth, but my girlfriend told me she told it was a little creepy. If only there was someone in here for me to hug! I love you mother, I’M A LONELY DJ, ICH LIEBE DICH MUTER!“

„We’re keepin‘ it on a house tip for right now. Underground house music only on SF-UR. Broadcasting live from the underground. We are buried – Alive!“

„Has that dealer turned up yet? Where is he? Andreas? Andreas where are you?!“

„I want to cry, I want to cry! This is like religion, only better!“

„It’s time to moving our body. Moving! You lasy bastards get up it’s time to dance!“

„When you club goers look back on your life, you’ll remember my fantastic transitions. This is pumping! Jomanda coming at you, jar!“

„We are living in a digital future. Soon we’ll all be computers. In fact I am one already! Feel my chip! I’m a one, you’re a zero. It is the future. It is pointless.“

„I’m really mashed in here. Hehe. I’ve not been this mashed since I was in India communing with nature by hanging out with other people, who have dropped out of work.
Now we have a real record. Coming at you from deep in the underground, like a burst of magma!“


„Lets paarty! Then let’s go travelling to the far east and live at one with nature. Then later we party again!“

„At the afterparty I always spin Nightwriters. Oh – oh you weren’t there? It’s very exclusive. So exclusive nobody is allowed in – not you, not your friend, not the girl in the tube-top!“

„I’m communing with you through the medium of dance! I’m an alien – and you’re a headset!“

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